KINKA -Gold skin care- NANO ESSENCE

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This product is available for Local (Singapore) orders ONLY.

-A jelly-like moisturizing serum with gold leaf. It blends straight into the skin and conditions the skin in a resilient manner.
Naturally sourced moisturizing ingredients and collagen are blended.
Recommended for care of dry areas such as tails of eyes and laugh lines.

-A jelly-like serum contains luxurious moisturizing ingredients that keep the skin tight and thoroughly moist.
It blends smoothly and conditions resilient skin. A blend of luxurious moisturizing ingredients naturally sourced from Pueraria lobata extract and other moisturizing ingredients such as, 2 types of collagen, platinum and aloe Vera leaf extract.
While you sleep, your skin is gradually healed and you wake up with plump shiny skin the next morning.



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